La Mauricie: A corner of paradise

It is in the magnificent Mauricie region that I took up residence and decided to create my fine cabinetmaking workshop.

The great outdoors, nature and the kindness of local residents have charmed me for over 3 years now. It is therefore with immense pleasure that I declare myself Alexismontais and proud to be a Mauricinois craftsman... Mauriçois? Mauritius? Mauritian? Yes, that’s it, Mauritian!

The only problem with living in such a place is that it is difficult to tear yourself away from the landscape during the day.

The beauty of Mauricie by day

like night

The starry nights of my neck of the woods

to go to work in the workshop.

I therefore invite you to consult our catalog in order to encourage a local artisan who simply tries to participate in the beauty that surrounds him by spending almost every day sanding wood.